At Exalor Tech, one of the utmost and significant stress is made in order to make sure that products and services along with the related contents that is provided to the clients as well as to the partners is in accordance to law and meets all applicable regulatory requirements.

All the content and technologies which are developed by us are indegeniously developed by the team of our engineers and copywriters which are intended to be used by our clients and partners. In order to serve them best we may opt to use certain third party technologies under GNU and other open source licenses or through complimentary and / or contractual arrangment for proprietory technologies.

If any of the stakeholder who encounters that there is any dispute in our products or technologies with regards to intellectual properties that are not owned by us and has been used in a manner which does not comply by law or regulation, it should be brought in notice of our legal team so that we can take corrective action in the matter to the earliest.

In case of any legal or regulatory conflicts please contact our legal team on with the details regarding the issues that may have occured.

April 01, 2009